War Is An Ugly Thing

Contrary to popular belief we are a very young country and our institutions are fragile. We need common ground before we start to discuss foreign affairs and the military, our most trusted institution, and common sense.(please visit our upcoming Facebook page and common ground)

In the spirit of Colonel Fisher We have created common ground, a format for conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats to discuss the responsibility each of us has a citizen soldier and our collective responsibility to our voluntary servicemen and women. 

A question posed by Colonel Fisher:

“As a citizen who has the right to protest and dissent, what responsibilities do you bear, if it prolongs America’s conflicts or it puts our servicemen and women in harms way.”       

In conclusion here are our three goals for (Profits for a Cause)
 1. Hire active and non active duty military personnel with families who need the extra money.

 2. Once successful to hire or help injured vets in the Tampa bay area.

 3. To sell 100,000 posters and donate a substantial amount of the profits to non-profit organizations. (see accounting)
Again thank you for visiting our website and please visit us at our upcoming Facebook page and Common Ground

Thank you for visiting our website.

our reason for bringing this website back are two fold

1. It is the sheer number of requests that we have received over the years for t-shirts and posters.(see photo album)

2. It is obvious whoever is elected as our next commander-in-chief our nation will face many challenges from the Crimean to the Middle East to civil unrest at home and a serious challenge to the free sea lanes in the South China Sea not to mention the insidious threat of "allowing the fish to swim in the water".

Translation from Chairman Mao “the Insurgency must be allowed to move amongst the people”.